Hi, I am Mimi, animal & plant lover…

Most of my projects are based on drawings representing the female human figure, imaginary plants and abstract forms derived from an organic world, creating a landscape designed with the desire to oppose a world dominated by masculine power and machines. More articulate with images than words, I enjoy every stage of the drawing process, from creating my characters to fabricating a world where they can fit in.

Inspired by: the female body, fairies, witches, fanzines, Sci-Fi, superflat, pop art, bad art, kitsch, punk and street art culture, illustrations, comic books and zines, cartoons, monsters, and many more.





2010 MA in Graphics – ‘Matter and concept’ – University of Arts and Design, West University Timisoara

2008 Graduate of the University of Arts and Design, Graphic Section, West University Timisoara

2004 Graduate of the Art High School in Oradea

Professional experience:

2020 co-founder/curator at Indecis artist run space together with Sergiu Sas

2018-2019 co-founder/curator at 2/2 wich was an independent artist run space created by a group of friends who share a common interest in art, philosophy, science, education and science-fiction. Our purpose was to create a safe and inspiring environment for dialogue, opened to both theorists and practitioners engaged in constructive criticism and discursive practices, as well as to create art events. 2/2 was an open, friendly, and inclusive place aiming to identify the problems we face in our contemporary society, to create dialogue and alternative on topics such as environmental sustainability, alternative economic systems, cultural inclusion, contemporary dystopias, and many others.

2010-2016 founding member of SuperSmoothStudio– an artist duo who designed illustrations, streetart toys & dolls and accessories inspired by: lowbrow art, Tex Avery cartoons and punk culture. SuperSmoothStudio creations are conceived through four hands and two dreamy minds: Mimi Ciora and Mircea Popescu, whose imagination released fantastic or domestic characters, when in the home studio, in the middle of nature or on the streets of cities.

Artistic experience:

Personal shows:

2020 Erase, Lapsus Contemporary Art Space, Timisoara, Ro.

2016 Fairies and Hearts, Galateca. Black cube, Bucharest, Ro.

Fairies, Calina contemporary art space, Timisoara Ro.

2012 Mimin, Alkmy Lab, Timisoara, Ro.

2010 Head in Head; Carturesti Verona, Bucharest, Ro.

2009 The most beautiful; Carturesti Mercy, Timisoara, Ro.

Collaborative shows:

2015 Hydrophila, Art Museum, Arad, Ro.

2014 Hydrophila, Atelier 030202, Bucharest, Ro.

2012 Dark colorful illustartion, Carturesti Mercy, Timisoara, Ro.

2011 Iernatic Show– Carturesti Mercy, Timisoara, Ro.

2010 Surreal vs. Expression, Karlsruhe, DE.

O, Christmas tea! Carturesti Mercy, Timisoara,Ro.

Group shows (selection):

2019 Garana, Contemporary Art Symposium, Calpe gallery, Timisoara, Ro.

2018 Escape from the garden of Our Lady, Spatiul 2/2, Timisoara, Ro.

De Rerum Natura, Arad Museum of Natural Sciences, Ro.

Anonymous drawing, Galerie im Kornerpark, Berlin, DE.

2016 Nature, Pygmalion Gallery, Timisora, Ro.

2015 Anonymous drawing, Kunstverein Tiergarten, Galerie Nord, Berlin, DE.

2014 Breakfast of Superheroes, Balamuc, Timisoara, Ro.

2013 Imago Mundi: The Art of Humanity – Treviso, IT.

In memoriam Eb Dietzsch, GEraer Banck, Gera, DE.

2012 Cranium. About Life & Death, Vatra Collective, Bucharest, Ro.

Pink Kitty Candy, Femei pe Matasari, Bucharest, Ro.

2011 Show of Monster, Carturesti Verona, Bucharest, Ro.

Artist Residencies/Art-camps:

2020 Artist in residence SatdtGalerie, Salzurg, AT.

2019 Herczeg Foundation -Contemporary Art Sympozium / camp Garana, Ro

2018 Herczeg Foundation -Contemporary Art Sympozium/ camp Garana, Ro

2014 Museum Without walls- MMW Art camp, Ecka, SR.

2013 Die Backerai, youth exchange- Innsbruck, AT.

Fla Kulture, youth exchange- Toulouse, FR.