by Super Smooth Studio

HYDROPHILIA – embodies in pictures the love for water and the obsessive interest in its infinite runway. In the interpretation of Super Smooth Studio, water means life, but also death; a glowy superficial reflection, but at the same time an exploration of the deep nebulous universe. The natural and synthetic routes through which water flows – clouds, organic elements and industrial pipe systems – gain in the works exhibited fantastic features composing hybrid characters, at the edge between illusion and reality. All the  artworks  are collaborative by Mimi Ciora and Mircea Popescu aka Super Smooth Studio (2010-2016). They develop through techniques of drawing and assemblage a surreal world with influences from primitive art, pop art, lowbrow art and kitsch.  

The Hydrophilia project was displayed in October 23 2014 at Atelier 030202 Contemporary Art Space, Bucharest and in March 17 2015 at Art Muzeum, Arad